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Okinawa Kenpo Karate

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Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo

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Life Protection
Martial Arts

The Sanrin Dojo program aims to bring as much value as possible to each individual student. The methodology of the instruction is based on centuries of martial culture development on the island of Okinawa. The result is a combination of self defense technique, physical and mental wellness, philosophical strength, and personal growth.


Technique, Wellness, Character

Classical martial arts training aims to enhance all aspects of a person’s well-being. We stress effort and effectiveness in our training, but not at the price of safety. We try to let the lessons of the dojo seep into every aspect of daily living, creating a dignified and powerful person (a difficult goal to achieve, but a worthy one!)

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Quick Facts

If you’re curious about Sanrin and wondering about what we teach (and if it is right for you), learn more below.

What is Okinawa Kenpo Karate?

Most people have heard of karate, but don’t realize just how many different styles of the art form there are. Okinawa Kenpo comes from a gentleman named Nakamura Shigeru, who passed his art down to Odo Seikichi. The style is known for its combination of classical empty hand techniques and weaponry.

What is Kobudo?

Kobudo refers to the old style of weapon usage as designed by the Okinawan people. The “tools” of the trade include some iconic weapons, such as the bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku, and more.

What Ages Are Accepted For Training?

Our training is best suited for young adults and fully grown adults. We consider individuals aged 13+. Younger people are better suited to programs that focus purely on physical fitness and less on serious technique and mindset.

Are Individuals With Previous Experience Accepted?

Yes, although it is understood that the individual will be starting fresh. Martial artists looking for a training partner or a taste of karate may be better served elsewhere. This training requires “an empty cup”.

Can I Train If I'm Not In Shape?

Yes, this is not a sink or swim program. The goal is to help you build on whatever your current state is, mental and physical. We want you to utilize our structure to slowly and steadily improve yourself.

How Much Does Training Cost?

Due to the new nature of the program, prices are subject to shift. However, we strive to charge a reasonable rate below industry standard. Please reach out to us for current pricing.

Is Martial Arts Training Safe?

Our goal is to provide a safe environment that provides ample opportunity for growth and challenge. New students will sign a liability waiver, but that does not mean they will be abused.












An Intimidation-Free Zone

Wondering if Sanrin is a good fit? Check out the criteria that is relevant to you.

Young Adults

Although Sanrin isn’t well suited for small children, young adults aged 13+ may find exactly what they need here. During the teenage years both boys and girls could benefit from the following:

  • Increased overall fitness and body coordination
  • Improved focus and determination
  • Practice in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Effective self defense training

Proper martial arts training can set a young adult up for success later in life by providing them with both tangible and intangible skills.


Many karate and taekwondo programs in the modern era are aimed at kids. However, Sanrin is a program that was born of a serious martial style, designed to be effective for adults in the most critical moments. Some notable elements of value for full adults include:

  • Increased overall fitness, coordination, and flexibility
  • Life protection skills for the defense of self and family
  • Cultural, philosophical, and historical understanding
  • Structure to build better mental and emotional wellness

Very few endeavors provide the range of benefit for adults as old style martial arts.


Being a gentleman in the modern world is a true challenge. There are constant assaults on safety and sensibility. Road rage, work arguments, bad glances at a bar…any day could turn into a bad day.

Joining a dojo can be a risky proposition for a man, as they never know what kind of ego contest they may be walking into. At Sanrin Dojo, we do our best to maintain a pleasant and positive workout environment so that each man can train safely and not run the risk of being bullied or beaten by larger, more experienced members.


Women face physical risk every day, whether they’re aware of it or not, often at the hands of men who are larger than they are. Wanting self defense skills is only natural, but it can be difficult finding a program that treats women equally and with respect.

The Sanrin dojo instructors were taught by Bruce and Ann Marie Heilman. Ann Marie offered fantastic insight into training for women, which we use to build a safe and inviting training environment. Our instructors maintain clear background checks and open lines of communication with senior female karateka to constantly improve our methodology.


Diverse Training Opportunities

The strength of karate comes in its ability to tolerate and integrate different concepts. Sanrin students will be exposed to a variety of sources for Okinawa Kenpo training and will also have access to different styles, including Shobayashi Ryu, jujutsu, iaido, and more.


Care To Learn More?

Sanrin may be accepting new students, although space is limited due to class time availability. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about joining, please utilize the button below.