About the Sanrin Dojo

Class Content

Sanrin attempts to create a well-rounded learning experience. Most classes will involve some or all of the following:

  • Stretching and Warm-Ups for Injury Prevention
  • Kihon (Basics) for Steady Improvement of Strikes, Blocks, Stances, Etc.
  • Technique Training
  • Kata (Pre-Arranged Forms)

Classes will also integrate kumite (fighting), weapons fighting, and a variety of other drills depending on the needs and skill levels of the students.

School Affiliations

Chief Instructor Matthew Apsokardu is a long standing member of the International Karate Kobudo Federation, and will be integrating the Sanrin program into the IKKF when possible. The IKKF is led by Bruce Heilman and Ann Marie Heilman. They are senior students of Odo Seikichi, the inheritor of the Okinawa Kenpo style.

To learn more about the IKKF, click here.


The Sanrin program also collaborates with the Shobayashi Kan, led by Bill Hayes. Bill Hayes is one of the senior-most students of Shimabukuro Eizo of Shorin Ryu.

To learn more about the Shobayashi Kan, click here.