Initial Workout Shakeout

These light techniques are designed to wake up the body and shake out any stagnation or rust built up during the day.

Rollout Stretches

We work from top to bottom in order to roll all of the ball joints and begin basic stretches, increasing our circulation and lowering the chance of injury during workout.

Jumping Jack Variations

You don’t need a lot of space to work up a sweat with these jumping jack options.

Squat Techniques

Strengthen the quads, knees, and calves with these squat exercises. The depth of the squat can be altered to meet your capabilities.

Bag Drill – Jab

This is a front handed technique to create a quick attack.

Bag Drill – Reverse Punch

This is a rear handed technique to create a powerful attack.

Bag Drill – Elbow Strike

This is an attack that uses a rotational impact with the elbow.

Self Defense – Pass Parry

The pass parry is a fundamental technique where we use two hands to ward off incoming hand attacks.