Join Us for this Year’s Martial Arts Beginner Clinic!

Most folks realize the importance of self defense in the modern world, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get started. There are so many barriers to entry: busy schedules, intimidating atmospheres, lack of physical fitness, you name it. Our clinic takes away those obstacles and provides a fun yet effective atmosphere to start (or re-start) your personal training.

The Sanrin Dojo is based outside of Pottstown, PA. This picture shows a guest clinic session held in Castle Rock, CO.

“It can be tough just starting a martial art. I wanted the training to be effective, yet safe. Not kids stuff, but also not full contact. This program really did the trick”

– Clinic Attendee, 2014

Who is the Clinic For?

This 8 week course is suitable for any adults or teens age 16+. Although the training environment is supportive and lowkey, the subject matter is serious and not intended for children.

What Will You Learn?

The workshop is designed to kickstart your education and provide the following tools:

  • Assessing your likely attacker profiles and environments
  • Developing a self defense skillset through striking, joint locking, pressure points, and basic weapons
  • Exploring common self defense scenarios (grabs, holds, punches, etc.)
  • Gradually and safely improving your physical fitness
  • Learning a traditional karate empty hand or weapon form
  • Learning about Japanese and Okinawan martial culture
Learn simple and effective techniques against common attacks.

About the Instructor

Matthew Apsokardu has been practicing Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo (Weaponry) for over 20 years. His credentials include:

  • 5th Degree Black Belt Ranking in the International Karate Kobudo Federation
  • Graduate of the Douglas County Community Safety Volunteers Police Academy
  • Two year volunteer at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
  • Multiple book author on the subject of martial arts
  • Travel to Okinawa, Japan for cultural and martial study

Matthew is ably assisted by Eric Mest, 4th Degree Black Belt and student of Seifukujitsu healing arts and Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.

“I wanted to join a program, but didn’t want to be the only beginner. Knowing everyone else was new too really helped me feel comfortable.”

– Clinic Attendee, 2015

Clinic Details

Begins: September 25th
Value: 8 Weeks, One Session Per Week
Time: Tuesdays 7-8pm
Course Cost: $90 (Normally $180)
Location: Detterline Hall next to St. Peter?s Church
1890 Ridge Rd, Pottstown, PA 19465
Registration Deadline: September 11th

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