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SANRIN Digital Training Sign Up
Students joining the digital training program at the initiation of the program will receive a special 6 month no cost training offer. That free training offer may extend further at the discretion of Sanrin LLC staff. Sanrin LLC staff reserves the right to activate and increase prices for training should it be deemed necessary. All students will be given a month notification of start or increase of training costs. If payment becomes required to continue training, the student will be given the opportunity to activate an automatically recurring payment method. Paypal, credit card, and debit card options will be available. Cash or check options will not be available.
If at any point the student wishes to discontinue training they will be required to give Sanrin LLC 10 days notice so that Sanrin staff can discontinue their profile (and cancel next automatic payment if payment is relevant). If 10 days advanced notice is not given and the student's payment method is charged, no refunds will be provided.
The primary responsibility of the student is attendance. They will need a digital device with camera and microphone to properly participate in class. They will also be expected to attend each week barring illness or emergency.
Students can attend class with no intention of participating in tests or acquiring rank. However, if they would like to proceed with traditional ranking, it is understood that Sanrin LLC staff is not required to test and promote individuals at regular intervals. The testing and ranking procedure will be conducted at the discretion of Sanrin LLC staff. Expecting to test, or requesting additional rank, is not considered acceptable behavior. Unlike modern institutions that run on strict schedules and exchange money for accreditation, traditional martial arts rank is a much more individualized experience and therefore the student must be patient and rely on the Sanrin LLC staff to dictate the pace of promotion.
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