Instructor Matthew Apsokardu received his BA in Professional Writing from Penn State University. After graduation, Matthew expanded his experience by working for small startup companies until he ultimately launched his own business, Apsos LLC.

Apsos has two primary components: Apsos Media and Apsos Publishing. The publishing side is used to bring interesting books (mostly in the field of martial arts) from concept to final product.

Below are some of Apsokardu Sensei’s most notable publications, acting as either the author or editorial and publication chief.

IkigaiWay – Martial Arts Blog

IkigaiWay was the beginning of Apsokardu Sensei’s public writing on the subject of martial arts. The blog was most active over an 8 year period, and now is only updated periodically. However, it still retains a large compendium of articles on a wide variety of subjects. Readers of IkigaiWay can find research articles, opinion articles, technique videos, exclusive interviews, and more.

Read the blog here.

ikigaiway martial arts blog

Tales from the Western Generation

Apsokardu Sensei’s most prominent publication is “Tales From the Western Generation”. This book takes a deep look into how karate found its way to Western shores, and what economical/social factors paved the way for its success. The book also contains over 30 interviews with early practitioners, describing their life and times in the arts.

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tales karate

The Beginner’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo

This free ebook was Apsokardu Sensei’s earliest efforts at creating a publication longer than typical internet articles. The goal was to provide something free and useful to a broader audience that could be easily shared. Although the format has aged a bit over time, the content is still valuable for individuals just entering dojo life.

Read the free ebook here.

students guide surviving dojo

Shigeru Nakamura: A Study of the Man Responsible for Okinawa Kenpo

This free ebook is the shortest entry on the publication list. More of a booklet than a book, this project came about because there were no dedicated resources available to learn more about the founder of Okinawa Kenpo. This repository at least took some of the main research and facts and put it together in one place for other students to utilize at their discretion.

Read the free ebook here.

shigeru nakamura research ebook

Apsos Publishing

The following works were not authored by Matthew Apsokardu. However, they were edited, formatted, and designed by Matthew and the Apsos Publishing team.

Wherever the Path Leads

Larry Isaac Hanshi shares the story of his karate life. Starting off as a military kid, oft moving and struggling with balancing education and athletics, Isaac Sensei eventually found his way into the United States Marine Corps, which took him to Vietnam and Okinawa, where he began his training in earnest.

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wherever the path leads

The Limitless Spirit of the Martial Arts

Marilyn Fierro is a pioneer for women in the martial arts, and she uses this book to tell her story. An interesting mix of autobiography, philosophy, and event recording, this book provides a lot of value for individuals wondering what it was like to break into a rough and tumble “boy’s club”.

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limitless spirit martial arts

An Old Man’s Way

Perry Sensei’s accomplishments and ease-of-manner have made him a valued commodity not just here in the United States, but in Okinawa as well. Nakazato Shugoro Sensei personally promoted Perry Sensei to Kudan (9th Dan), making him the first non-Okinawan to receive that honor.

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old man cover