One of the greatest attributes of martial arts training is that it can be a lifelong endeavor. As the practitioner ages, so do their capabilities and understanding, but unlike professional athletics, success in the martial arts is not chained to pure physical performance.

Throughout the course of that extraordinarily long journey, it is common for martial artists of all backgrounds to wonder, “what else is out there?” Sticking inside of one particular curriculum can be limiting. Even devout practitioners of a single style can benefit from new ways of looking at their own material.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve developed the “Pursuits” program.

What Are Pursuits?

Pursuits are personalized study programs designed to help practitioners further their understanding in a particular area of interest. For example, if a martial arts practitioner feels that their striking is good but they lack a full understanding of joint locking, we can connect that person to a variety of learning material and instructors to help expand their understanding.

How Are Pursuits Possible At Sanrin?

Chief Instructor Matthew Apsokardu has developed many relationships in the martial arts world through his writing and attendance of training seminars. He has been able to identify and communicate with individuals of varying expertise. As such, he can use those bridges to benefit his students and make connections depending on the desired Pursuit material.

How Does Pursuit Training Work?

  1. You express an interest or desire to improve your expertise in a particular area
  2. We build a criteria based around your needs
  3. You utilize the education materials and instructors within the program
  4. We test your progress periodically
  5. Once you achieve a level of competence deemed excellent, you will be invited to become a Pursuit Instructor, and will have the opportunity to help others interested in your area of expertise.

There are no belt ranks associated with completion of a Pursuit. This is purely part of growing as a martial artist. That being said, achievement in a Pursuit is not without reward.

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