The QMAG is a low-to-no cost gathering of martial artists looking to enjoy each other’s company and share some of their journey with like-minded, interesting people.


The Okinawan spirit of engaging in vigorous training, exploring new ideas, and sharing a laugh (and maybe a drink?) is a delicate but valuable keepsake. We preserve it by providing QMAG participants with a chance to learn, teach, and experience something new every quarter.


What is Covered During a QMAG Event?

Members of the gathering will be selected each quarter to present a topic of their choosing. Members selected to present will be rotated in order to provide a continuous stream of interesting and engaging material.

Is QMAG A New Organization?

No. This does not effect your standing in any current organizations as it is not an organization in-and-of itself. No rank can be granted through QMAG.

How Do You Participate?

Attending the event can occur by invitation only. You may receive a direct invitation from organizer Matthew Apsokardu, or you can be nominated for inclusion by an existing member. If you do not know an existing member but want to be considered for inclusion anyway, reach out to Matthew Apsokardu at

How Much Does Each Event Cost?

There are no recurring fees or cost of membership. Each attendee is charged a minimal amount to cover the cost of location rental. If the location is secured for free, there will similarly be no charge to attend.

What Ranking Requirements Are There to Attend?

Attendance will be recommended for individuals brown belt or above who already have a firm foundation in their chosen art.

Which Styles Are Permitted to Attend?

Although many of the topics and attendees will likely revolve around the karate world, there are no limitations to style. Individuals looking to learn and share from any background are welcome.

Behavior Expectations

Attendance is limited to invited guests in order to curb the bulk of most classic problems that arise from martial arts gatherings. However, there are a few explicit behavior rules that will be enforced. Breaking these rules will result in a warning and ultimately loss of invitation to attend.

  • No discussion of politics. That includes martial arts politics or national politics.
  • No high ego behavior. That includes boasting, talking down to others, engaging in inane style-vs-style arguments, etc.
  • Safety first. Taking unnecessary risks or letting contact get too heightened will not be tolerated.
  • Manners also first. Discourse and sharing ideas is expected and encouraged, but “telling it like it is” is not an excuse for bad manners.


Interested in QMAG?

Attendance is by invitation only, but that doesn’t mean you can’t submit for an invitation! Fill out the form below and we will respond with additional questions or information on the gathering.


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